The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, February 18, 1926
James McGraw, of Detroit, May Play Here Against Newark Saturday

If he arrives in time to be properly registered, the Steel Workers will try out a new goalie in the American Soccer League game against Newark on the Bethlehem Steel field on Saturday afternoon. James McGraw, of Detroit, is the newcomer to the club and is expected to arrive not later than noon on Friday. If his arrival should be delayed it would be too late to register him in time for the league competition. In that event it would be either Carson or Highfield as the custodian.

Announcement of the signing of McGraw was made at the quarters of the Steel team today. Little is known of him other than that he played in Detroit where he is heralded as one of the best goalies in that section. He is originally a Scottish player and did service on Junior clubs in Glasgow. McGraw would not be eligible for the National Challenge Cup games, but will be eligible for the league contests and the league cup tilts, which will shortly get underway.

2 Other New Men

Drastic changes are contemplated for the lineup in the Newark game. If McGraw arrives in time he will be one of three new players to be given a try out. The other two already announced are Frank Harris, a halfback, who will be assigned to Bill Carnihan's position at center half and will be flanked by the veterans MacGregor and McDonald and Gerrit Visser, at center forward.

Berryman and Allen, the two backs who have become very popular with the local fans, will be given a much deserved rest. This became apparent when it was announced that Jock Ferguson, the veteran, will be hustled into a uniform and take part in his first game in weeks. The other back will be Raeside, recently acquired in a transfer from Fall River. The management is confident that Ferguson has lost little if any of his skill and is being tried in the event of an emergency which might eliminate either Allen or Berryman, the regulars, from the lineup.

The most important change on the forward line will be Visser, who will perform in Archie Stark's position at center forward. The right wing will probably have Jaap and Purvis doing duty, with Rollo and Goldie on the left.

The starting time will be delayed a half hour, with the kickoff at 3 o'clock instead of 2:30. This change was made at the request of the Newark players who will not arrive until 2:20 Saturday afternoon.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club