The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, February 18, 1929
Veteran Bethlehem Clan Advance to Semi-Final Cup Round by Victory

It was only after a stubborn battle, in which an eighteen year old goal tender played an important part, that the Bethlehem Steel soccer team finally eliminated the Walsh-Chevrolet soccer team, of Fall River, here Saturday, and advanced to the third round of the National Challenge Cup competition. The game played on the Lehigh Field before a fair sized crowd resulted in a 5-1 victory for Bethlehem. Walsh-Chevrolet, rated as the strongest amateur team in the New England States, held the Steelworkers to a lone tally in the first half and late in the second half with the score reading 5-0 against them staged a rally that netted a goal.

From the minute the referee blew his whistle at the beginning of the game until the end of the first half, the fans were treated to an unusual spectacle. The veteran Lewis combination after being rushed off their feet in the first minutes finally found themselves and with clever passing, heading and drives advanced the sphere well into the Walsh-Chevrolet territory. The entire forward line all took hard and fast tries at the mouth of the goal in an endeavor to score, but always Reder, the visitor's goalie, would bob up and knock it away safely. Failing in their shots from a distance the Bethlehem forwards several times tried to take the ball in close quarters but here again they were frustrated.

Bethlehem's tally came near the end of the first half on a corner from Rollo. Close to the goal Reid received the corner and drove it toward the goal where it was diverted off the back of one of the defending fullbacks thus deceiving the goalie before he could handle.

In the second half Bethlehem again resumed control of the game, although Walsh-Chevrolet put up a stubborn game. The first score of the second half was made after twenty minutes of play when Stark headed the ball into the net on a pass from Gillespie directly in front of the goal. Stark seemed not content with this goal and five minutes later he received a pass from Massie in the center of the field. Racing down the field he beat two opposing backs and in true "Stark style" drove the sphere through the goal while on the run. Hardly had the score been chalked down as 3-0, when Jaap caught an intercepted pass, after the kickoff, and from a difficult angle beat the goalie for the fourth counter of the day.

Bethlehem's fifth and final goal came with about fifteen minutes to play. Gillespie dribbled down the right wing to [...] almost in front of the opposing goal where he passed to Stark, who shot it in.

In spite of the fact that odds were against them, Walsh-Chevrolet fought tenaciously and soon after Welcome, the center forward, broke through and placed them in the scoring column, the final score being 5-1.

Bethlehem -- Walsh-Chevrolet
McClure -- G -- Reder
Allan -- RFB -- Crowe
Marshall -- LFB -- Soares
W. Reid -- RHB -- Ducharme
Carnihan -- CHB -- Henman
McGregor -- LHB - -Durfee
Gillespie -- OR -- Garant
Jaap -- IR -- Winterbottom
Stark -- CF -- Welcome
Massie -- IL -- Sunderland
Rollo -- OL -- Cullen
Goals score: Stark 3, Reid, Jaap, Welcome. Referee: Donehey. Linesmen: Williams and Carpenter.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club