The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, February 19, 1919
Soccer Notes

The Bethlehem Steel-Babcock & Wilcox National League game on Saturday, at Bethlehem Steel field, ought to equal, if not surpass, the exhibition of last Saturday when the Robins Dry Dock team was the opposition. The Babs have made several additions to their lineup since Bethlehem defeated them on Dec. 22, and their brilliant victory last Saturday over Merchant A team in a National League game would seem to indicate that the changes have greatly strengthened t he team. Any team that can so decisively defeat the Merchant A team can command the respect of any team and the Steel Workers are training hard with a view to be in first class condition for the game.

The Goodyear Rubber Company, of Akron, Ohio, who will play here on Saturday, March 1, in a National Cup game, has a brilliant record in that district, and is said to be much stronger than the Joliet team that played here last season in the semi-final.

For several years teams from the west have been struggling hard in the National Cup and some of the teams have been exceptionally clever. None of them have ever been farther than the semi-final. This year the Akron team has the confidence of the fans out west, who feel that they will be able to lower the colors of the Steel Workers, who have always been the stumbling blocks to the championship aspirations of the western teams.

Saturday's game with Babcock & Wilcox F. C. will be a hard contest, and Bethlehem will present its strongest lineup to clinch the National League championship. Paterson F. C., who are Bethlehem's greatest rivals in the league, are two points behind the champion to date.

George McKelvey, who figured in the serious accident last Saturday when the Robins Dry Dock player received a broken leg, has fully recovered and will be seen in his regular position next Saturday against the Babs.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club