The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, February 19, 1920
Soccer News

it is hardly likely that the Bethlehem Steel Athletic field will b e in condition for the National Cup game with the Wanderers, scheduled for Saturday. Owing to weather conditions this game was postponed on four different occasions and it is more than likely that it will gain be called off for Saturday. However, the local management feels certain that the field can be shaped for the game the following week.

This information was conveyed to this office this morning by "Billy" Sheridan after making a visit to the field. The ice and snow was pretty well thawed yesterday but last night it was again frozen up. Even though there should be a good thaw during the next two days, the field would be soft and to play a game would threaten to ruin the field. An official announcement of the possibility of playing a game on Saturday will be made tomorrow.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club