The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, February 19, 1926
Steel Field Cleared of Snow and Ice to Make Playing of Game Possible

By hard work during the week the Bethlehem Steel field was got into condition and assurances are given that pending a blizzard or below zero weather, the American Soccer League game with the Newark F. C. will positively be played on Saturday afternoon. Attention is again called tot he time of starting which will be 3 o'clock instead of 2:30 due to the delayed arrival of the Newark team.

The Steel Workers are anxious to get this game out of their system, for it will give the management the opportunity of sizing up some of the new talent recently acquired. James McGraw, a goalie, who is supposed to be on his way here from Detroit, had not arrived late this afternoon. However, immediately upon his arrival, arrangements have been made to get his signed contract tot he league offices in New York so that he will be eligible for a tryout against the Jerseyites.

Ice Removed

The sheet of ice which covered the field has been entirely removed and no trace whatever left of the recent heavy show storm. The pitch is soft, but with a few hours of clear weather, will be in excellent playing condition.

The Jerseyites will come to Bethlehem to field their strongest club and are certain to make a strong bid for the honors against the re-arranged lineup. The new men to appear in the Bethlehem lineup have been seen in action in the practice tilts and the management in assigning them to regular berths, has confidence that they will be capable understudies for the regulars. The teams will probably line up as follows:

Bethlehem -- Newark
Highfield -- G -- Oliphant
Raeside -- RFB -- Marshall
J. Ferguson -- LFB -- Fleming
McDonald -- RHB -- Kirby
Harris -- CHB -- Hume
MacGregor -- LHB -- Nicol
Jaap -- OR -- McAtee
Purvis -- IR -- Brown
Vesser -- CF -- Dickie
Rollo -- IL -- Thomson
Goldie -- OL -- Rafferty
Referee -- George Young, Philadelphia.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club