The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, February 21, 1925
Decision is that New Bedford Games Was Well Handled and Local Team

The Bethlehem Steel F. C. is eliminated in the American Soccer League competition. The elimination is the result of the defeat by the score of 1 goal to nothing at the hands of New Bedford last Saturday.

Bethlehem Steel protested a decision which it was claimed deprived them of the equalizing score when one of the New Bedford backs it is alleged willfully fisted the ball out of the net. Last evening the cup committee gathered to hear the protest after an executive session favoring more or less the star chamber meetings, it was announced that the committee found that the game was "efficiently handled and that Bethlehem Steel had no justification for protest." The members comprising the committee to hear the protest were Fred Smith, of the Brooklyn club, Tom Bagnall of the New England district, and Secretary Thomas W. Cahill of the American Soccer League.

In addition to rendering the decision the committee ruled that the club protesting assume all the expenses of the hearing in the matter. Although few details were available today but more promised in the near future, it is understood that some of the executives were decidedly threatening in their attitude to the Bethlehem Steel representatives and that all witnesses heard in the matter, nine in number, were questioned behind closed doors. Just what their testimony was could not be learned but it was hinted that at least six of the number testified to a penalty being committed.

As a result of the decision of the cup committee Bethlehem Steel is no long in the cup tie competition.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club