The Globe -- Bethlehem
February 21, 1927
Local Businessmen, with Stores, Etc., Closed, Can Have a Rare Day in February

Business holidays are few and far between and with no other major sports attraction in Bethlehem, or as a matter of fact, in the Lehigh Valley tomorrow (Washington's birthday), Bethlehem business people have planned to attend the scheduled soccer game here. Every available piece of snow clearing machinery with an army of labor are being pressed into service to clear the pitch on the former Bethlehem Steel athletic filed and make the American Soccer League game with Bethlehem and the New York Giants possible.

Unless weather conditions unforeseen arise between now and tomorrow, the field will be ready for the game, the official word from the club management late today, and that practically means that the afield will be cleared and the game played.

Fall River Wins

American Soccer League activities over the weekend were confided to only one game in which Fall River defeated the Brooklyn Wanderers on Saturday afternoon at Brooklyn by the score of 2 to 1. All other games were called off because of snow.

The Bethlehem team invaded the New England district for a two-game schedule with New Bedford and Providence but the blizzard raged to such an extend that all efforts to clear the field were unavailable. As a result the Bethlehem players returned empty handed although profiting materially by the weekend rest and in fine fettle for the clash with the New York Giants.

The Giants, too, benefited by the weekend rest and with both clubs in good physical condition the fans are certain to witness a snappy game. Bethlehem will field the strongest club and so will the Giants for both teams are hot after the points to be garnered in the last lap of the American Soccer League race.

In meeting the New York Giants the home club stacks up against probably the most formidable soccer aggregation in the league today, not even barring Boston and Fall River.

The Steelmen continue at the top of the league standing and seemingly by a comfortable margin, but by no means a safe lead.

Tough Games Ahead

Although the Bethlehem management intimated several changes in the lineup over the one that competed and lost against Newark in the first round of the American Cup competition, the tentative lineup given out today indicates a change only on the forward line, Archie Stark will be at inside right with Tom Gillespie pressed into service at center forward. For the inside left job Granger, ordinarily playing on the right wing will be at inside left.

The Giants will introduce for the first time in a game in Bethlehem this season, Jimmy Douglas, the American born and developed player. Douglas apparently is playing better in goal than Geudert, and if that is the reason he is given preference he must be very good for Bethlehem fans can easily recall the sensational work of Geudert in games against Bethlehem.

Another newcomer in the visitors' lineup playing in Bethlehem for the first time is Tandler, an Austrian fullback. Besides the latter the Giants' lineup will have a strong Hakoah flavor for former stars of last year's touring Vienna team now affiliated with the New York Giants are Guttman, a center halfback; Haussler, an inside right, and Gruenwald, an inside left. Davy Brown, league leading individual scorer, will hold down his regular position at center forward. The kickoff will be promptly at 3 o'clock, with Referee Mose Bloom in charge. The probable lineups follow:

Bethlehem -- New York Giants
Edward -- G-- Douglas
Barrie -- RFB -- Tandler
Allen -- LFB -- Moorehouse
McDonald -- RHB -- McKinney
Carnihan -- CHB -- Guttman
MacGregor -- LHB -- Herd
Jaap -- OR -- Hierlander
Stark -- IR -- Hausesler
Gillespie -- CF -- Brown
Granger -- IL -- Gruenwald
Goldie -- OL -- Horne.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club