The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, February 21, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

No Easy Picking
The draw for the semi-final round in the national challenge cup competition has been made, and Bethlehem did not get any of the best of it. Hakoah All-Stars go to bat in their next cup go and odds on favorite, meeting the Portuguese F. C. of Newark. That selection practically assures the Jewish boys of being in on the Eastern final. On the other hand Bethlehem will most likely have as its opponent the New York Giants, the outcome of which game is a good gamble no matter where played. Whether it will be the Giants or Trenton will be determined on Sunday afternoon when the latter two teams meet in their postponed round.

Strengthen Forces
The recent activities of the New York Giants seems to indicate that the Gotham booters are going to make a determined bid to survive as Eastern finalists. The recent raid on the New York Nationals in which Chapman and then Donald were lured to the camp of the Giants should add material strength to the Gotham forces. And yet, against Trenton, the Giants are likely to meet some unexpected strength. The Jersey booters distinguished themselves as a team that cannot be toyed with when they eliminated Newark by the overwhelming score of 8 to 1. And the Newark team was identically the same as the one Bethlehem had difficulty in winning from in New York the week previous, registering victory by the margin of one goal.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club