The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, February 22, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Takes Fall Out of Fall River
There is a wailing and gnashing of teeth among the Fall River devotees of soccer since Boston visited the home loam of the league champions on Sunday, and quite neatly eliminated the circuit top-notchers from further competition in the National Challenge Cup competition. The Hubmen, after the one-goal draw with Fall River the Sunday previous returned yesterday afternoon for the replay and by winning advanced to the semi-final round of the biggest cup competition in American soccer. The semi-finalists now are Bethlehem, Boston, J & P Coats, and the winner of the Brooklyn-N. Y. Giants replay which takes place next Sunday. The victory of the Hubmen was accomplished after having the game originally scheduled for Boston transferred to Fall River loam, where soccer critics in general were of the opinion that the league champions would be invincible.

Did the Trick Before
For the second consecutive season, Boston blasted the aspirations of the Fall River clan. Winning league honors is something, but winning the cup competition is a little bit more, especially when it involves the leading soccer aggregations in the country. Last year the American Soccer League clubs had a cup play all of their own, withdrawing from the U. S. F. A. competition. To the circuit clubs it was equally as important as the National affair, and Fall River and Boston were the two survivors in the final. This game, too, if not mistaken, was played at Fall River, with the result that the Hubmen eliminated Fall River and later won the better half of the series in the intersectional games to be recognized as the American soccer champions. So, after all, it would seem that Fall River predominates in league competition, Boston is a better cup tie team.

Took Issue With Schedule Makers
Fall River critics severely criticized the American Soccer league schedule makers for scheduling a game on March 20, with the possibility of the final of the National Cup being played on the following day. From this it is gleaned that the league leading aggregation might have been a little over confident and were counting their chickens before they were hatched. The shock of being dropped entirely in the cup play must have been great. In the league race, Fall River made a runaway of t he competition, but in the cup affairs found competition more equal. Fall River fans can now congratulate the schedule makers on their foresight in booking the teams for a league game on March 20.

Whitey's Fading Prestige Restored
Along about mid-season, gossip emanated from Boston referring to Whitey Fleming, the veteran former Bethlehem Steel outside left. Rumors had it hat Whitey was slipping and that the Hubmen were in the market for a successor. If Whitey lost any prestige early in the season or during the league campaigning, he surely regained it by his work in the Fall River game yesterday. It was Fleming's left foot that notched the first goal for the Hubmen and later in the game it was a well placed corner which Fleming contributed to the score that won the game. Any thoughts of leaving the blond-topped one out of the Boston team has no doubt been dispelled.

Bethlehem and Boston in the Final
With Fall River eliminated, opinion is general that Bethlehem and Boston will be the two clubs to fight it out in the final of the Eastern Division cup play. Coats and Boston will lock horns next weekend and if Boston displays its Fall River form, it should have little trouble in taking over the thread makers. Bethlehem will e delayed in the chance to ascended to the top as finalist for another week at least. The Steel Workers' opponent in the next cup bout, the winner of which goes into the final round, will be against either Brooklyn or the New York Giants, teams that have twice battled to a draw and must replay next Sunday. Should Bethlehem and Boston be the finalists, the Steel Workers will probably be the favorites. This assumption is based on the record of the two clubs in the last two years. During that time Boston has succeeded in stopping Bethlehem in only one game.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club