The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, February 23, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Cup Committee Overrules Protest
In overruling the protest of the Bethlehem Steel team registered on a decision made by Referee Lawrie, the cup committee comprising Messrs. Cahill, secretary of the American Soccer League; Frederick J. Smith and Thomas Bagnall contend that the game was "Efficiently handled and controlled" which means that the second round of the American Cup competition which involves Bethlehem and New Bedford stands as it was played. It was not expected that the game would be ordered replayed. However, the protest should have a tendency in exacting greater care in the assignment of officials for important games. The statement on the program issued follows:

"Evidence submitted and considered by the committee establishes the fact that the game was efficiently handled and controlled, also in view of the instructions given the linesmen by the referee previous to the game that he would only consult them when in doubt that he felt competent to render decisions on points of play. On the play in question which is the basis of the protest he saw nothing to penalize, therefore allowed the play to continue.

"Therefore, in accordance with Rule 12 of the laws of the game under which rule the protest properly comes, it is the decision of the committee that the game stands as played and the protest dismissed and all costs assessed against the protesting club."

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club