The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Monday, February 24, 1930
Gains Divisional Semi-Final by Virtue of 2 to 1 Victory Over Giants

In championship stride and completely smothering their opponents by their speedy pace, Bethlehem’s soccer team moved a notch closer to the National title Sunday afternoon in New York when the Giants were defeated on their home grounds by the score of 2 to 1. More than four thousand fans were treated to an exciting game and equally half of this number captivated by the brilliant playing of the Steel City booters were rooting for the latter at the final whistle.

By virtue of the victory Bethlehem qualified to meet Brooklyn Wanderers in the division semi-final which will be played this weekend on a round not yet determined.

The Giants went into the lead by virtue of a gift when due to a misunderstanding between Fraser, in goal, and Finlayson, fullback, the latter accidentally put the sphere into his own net. It was a play excusable following a free kick allowed before the Bethlehem defense had an opportunity to get organized.

The ball was sent sailing toward the Giant goal with Moorhouse and Finlayson in pursuit. Finlayson beat Moorehouse with his kick while in the meantime Fraser came out to intercept. Finlayson’s intention was to place the ball in the hands of his goalie for clearance but the angle from which he was forced to cap sent the ball spinning into an open goal.

As a result of this marker, Bethlehem was trailing at the end of the first half but shortly after the restart Stark came through in brilliant style to equalize the count and a few minutes later a shot from Dick put his mates in the lead.

Bethlehem – N. Y. Giants
Fraser – G – Jock Brown
Finlayson – RFB – John Brown
MacGregor – LFB – Glover
Reid – RHB -- Stone
Carnihan – CHB – Forrester
Pitt – LHB – Hyslop
Gillespie – OR – Jas. Brown
Jaap – IR – Ballantyne
Stark – CF – D. Brown
Massie – IL – O’Brien
Dick – OL – Moorhouse
Substitutions: Lyell for Hyslop, Jogis for Forrester. Goals – Stark, Dick, Moorhouse. Referee – F. DeGrof. Linesmen, W. Williams and W. Murray. Time of halves 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club