The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Monday, February 25, 1929
Center Forward Notches Tally That Breaks Deadlock with New York Hungarians

A snappy aggressive Hungarian F. C. soccer team displaying flashes of clever football threatened the undefeated record of the Bethlehem soccer team on the home field on Saturday afternoon in an Eastern Soccer League game when after leading at half time were nosed out in the second half to lose by the score of 3 to 2.

With a cup game on tap for next Saturday against the New York Giants, the Bethlehem’s took no chances with many of the regulars on a pitch dotted here and there by icy patches. The wearers of the Blue and White of the home club comprised in the majority the reserves of the team, using only a few of the regulars as a nucleus of the forces to battle the Hungarians.

The celebrated trio comprising Carnihan, MacGregor and Reid, regular halfback line were all assigned a vacation and missing on the forward line were Tom Gillespie and Johnny Rollo, the latter pinch hitting at a halfback position.

Phenomenal work between the uprights in recent games has proven a barrier to the scoring possibilities of the Bethlehem team and the game on Saturday was no exception. A. Freund, a mere mite of a chap, was assigned to this responsible defensive department and ably aided by his backs frustrated a barrage of well directed shots, enabling his team to lead at half time by the score of 2 to 1.

In brilliant contrast to the phenomenal handling of the Gotham custodian was the work of John Finneran, giant Bethlehem goalie, who made his first appearance after an absence of a month or more due to injury. While Finneran handled far less oftener than his rival, he made two daring saves in the final half on shots when seemingly beaten. The big goalie, on the injured list after two games with Bethlehem, again gave promise of developing into a valuable asset.

The Hungarian lost little time in stinging Bethlehem. Shortly after the kickoff and before Bethlehem had really settled down to business the visitors swept down the field and ended their attack when Drysdale crashed the ball into the net. The goal was notched after little more than a minute of play.

Bethlehem immediately opened with a determined attack to equalize, fairly raining shots at the net, some of which barely missed by inches while other more accurately directed were handled by the midget goalie. The Hungarians led for thirty minutes then Stark broke away and carrying through with a goal imminent was the victim of rough handling in the penalty area and the locals were awarded a spot kick. Massie took the kick and made good, placing the ball well out of the reach of Freund.

An attack by the visitors with only a few minutes remaining to complete the half was productive, the way for the goal resulting paved by Rollo when he lofted the ball over the line for a corner. Roth centered perfectly but the ball was partly cleared when Schneider found an opening and carefully placed his shot. The half ended shortly afterwards.

Ten minutes of the restart progressed before Bethlehem equalized. Hugh Reid took a free kick awarded in midfield and place the ball close to the goal mouth. Stark split up the defense and then lofted to Massie who with a deft touch of the head nodded it into the goal.

Almost immediately after the kickoff Stark broke away, eluded both visiting backs and drove in the winning tally. The Hungarians retaliated with an aggressive attack in which Finneran distinguished himself by making two phenomenal saves, one on which he dove headlong for the ball and crushed it around one of the uprights. Bethlehem did quite some bombarding in the remaining minutes but to no avail.

Hungarian – Bethlehem
A. Freund – G – Finneran
Lessler – RFB – H. Reid
Zimet – LFB – Allan
Thornton – RHB – Rollo
Schneider – CHB – Wilson
Welch – LHB – Robertson
Tuzes – OR – Jaap
R. Kuntner – IR – Mulhall
Drysdale – CF – Stark
W. Reid – IL – Massie
Roth – OL – Malloy

Goals: Drysdale, Schneider, Massie 2 (one penalty), Stark. Substitutions: J. Ferguson for H. Reid. Referee: Horace Williams. Linesmen: Fred Pepper and William Forrest. Time of halves: 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club