The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, February 26, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer Double Header
An innovation in soccer will be presented in Philadelphia on Saturday of this week when the two Quaker representatives in the American Soccer League appear in a game each on the same afternoon and the same field. Since there is no time lost by time out or otherwise, both contests can be played on scheduled time. Whether a dual bill will appeal to the fans or not remains to be seen. It is probable that the afternoon's entertainment will be stretched out too long and interest may be lost in the second clash of the afternoon. However, it is an experiment worth trying and if the fans respond as liberally as expected, Philadelphia may witness some more double headers before the end of the season.

Another New England Invasion
Bethlehem Steel is slated for another New England invasion that calls for two hard games in as many days. On Saturday afternoon the Steel Workers will be entertained at Boston and the following afternoon will hop over to Providence to meet Sam Fletcher's club. Players are not discouraged by their recent setback and hope that they will have emerged from the slump which trailed them in the last several games and can retrieve some of the prestige lost by those setbacks.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club