The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, February 26, 1926
Steel Team, With Several Newcomers, Clash with Newark on Elizabeth Ave. Pitch.

Bethlehem Steel's appetizer in tuning up for the National Challenge semi-final cup game the following weekend will be played on the home field on Saturday afternoon, with the Newark F. C. as the opponent. This will probably be the last home game for several weeks, for if Bethlehem is successful in its cup campaign, the succeeding rounds leading to the championship will be played on neutral fields.

Weather Has Hit Soccer

The unfavorable conditions of the past several weeks have tied up league and cup competition but with grounds and weather favorably forecast for Saturday afternoon every club in the league will probably be active. The Steelmen completed their preparations for the Newark invasion with a long session on Thursday afternoon.

After the final workout, it was definitely decided to give the recent acquisitions their first opportunity to appear in a Bethlehem uniform in an actual game. The new men and the positions they will occupy are: Frank Harris, a left halfback; Gerritt Visser, a center forward, and John McGraw, a goalie.

According to the lineup announced, but which is subject to changes pending t he conditions before starting time, there will be many other changes on the team. About the only department left intact will be the left wing, with Rollo and Goldie, the diminutive pair, in their regular positions. The starting of Berryman and Allen is somewhat in doubt. Both of these fullbacks are in excellent physical condition and it is possible that the management will take a chance in assigning both to their positions for the purpose of getting a good workout before the cup tilt next Saturday. Should they be laid off, together with some of the other regulars. Jock Ferguson will most likely have to take down his togs from the retiring peg and pair off with Raeside at the fullback berth.

On the halfback line, Bob MacGregor and Whitey McDonald, both regulars, are assured of starting. MacGregor will most likely be shifted to the center half position to proved a vacancy at left halfback for the inclusion of Harris.

Game at 3, not 2:30

The Newark team will not arrive in Bethlehem until 2:20 and by mutual agreement the time of starting has been set back until 3 o'clock. The probable lineup will be:

Bethlehem Steel -- Newark F. C.
McGraw -- G -- Oliphant
Raeside -- RFB -- Marshall
Ferguson -- LFB -- Fleming
McDonald -- RHB -- Kirby
MacGregor -- CHB -- Hume
Harris -- LHB -- Nicol
Jaap -- OR -- McAfee
Purvis -- IR -- Brown
Vesser -- CF -- Dickie
Rollo -- IL -- Thomson
Goldie -- OL -- Raffertry
Referee -- Danny Oates, Philadelphia.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club