The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Wednesday, February 26, 1930
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Not the Least Concerned
The fact that the cup committee has seen fit to give Brooklyn its semi-final game against Bethlehem in the National Challenge Cup competition on its home grounds is not concerning the Bethlehem players as much as is the injury of Tommy Gillespie, star right wing forward. With or without Tommy in the lineup Bethlehem is confident that the Agarites will be their “meat” and when all is said and done Bethlehem will be up front battling in the divisional final. However, with Gillespie in his regular position and the forward line intact, possibilities of victory would be more pronounced. Breaking up a winning combination sometimes creates inroads on the effectiveness of a team but in this case Bethlehem has reserves that should prove capable to plumb up the vacancy in the event Tommy is indisposed.

Two Times in Three Seasons
For the second time in three seasons the Brooklyn Wanderers will have whatever advantage there is in playing on their home patch in the Eastern semi-final. Two years ago when Brooklyn reached the Eastern semi-final, the cup committee ordered the game played on Hawthorne Field. On that occasion the New York Nationals marched through the Wanderers and on to the championship usurped last year by Hakoah. In 1929 the Nats and Wanderers, outlawed with the rest of the now defunct American League, did not compete for the DeWar trophy. In the old days, Mr. Agar had quite a drag with the powers that be so that anything favoring Brooklyn was not surprising. But when the game originally scheduled for the Polo Grounds was shifted to Hawthorne Field, this change was quite a surprise.

Ex-Bethlehemites Make Good
The English sport papers just arrived and it will be of considerable interest to know that two former Bethlehem soccer players were chosen to represent their country. Such distinction is the ambition of all players, coming to a few and only after the most careful consideration. Whitey McDonald, who booted the ball at a halfback position for Bethlehem and left to accompany the Glasgow Rangers back home after a tour of this country, was one of them. Whitey, by the way, is an Irishman, and was selected to represent Ireland against Scotland in an international game played a week ago last Saturday. Alec Jackson, a former Bethlehem forward, line up with Scotland. The Scots defeated the Irish, 3 goals to 1.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club