The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Wednesday, February 27, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Stamina vs. Science
A National champion on five different occasions, the Bethlehem soccer team will make a sixth bid for the title at Dexter Park, Brooklyn, the scene of many previous grueling cup games, on Sunday afternoon. This neutral pitch was decided upon by the cup committee of the United States Football Association, and here the New York Giants will challenge Bethlehem for the right to enter the Eastern final. While Bethlehem might be conceded to be the most scientific of the two teams, playing a brand of soccer unequaled by any other professional club in the country, still it is not exclusively cleverness, combination, ball manipulation and control that wins cup games but more often stamina to carry through 90 minutes of unorthodox football. The Giants are an aggressive team, an aggregation of players groomed more or less for the kick and rush style of play and one of the most formidable teams Bethlehem could meet in the competition. The eventual Eastern division winner will probably be decided in this game at Dexter Park.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club