The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Thursday, February 28, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

A Blast at Bethlehem
According to the laws of soccer, professionals are only allowed to play with one club, yet we find Hughie Reid and Malloy playing with the Centennials one day and Bethlehem the next. What is the matter with the United States Association? This squib typed by a Philadelphia scribe needs little explanation. True, Reid and Malloy were playing with Philadelphia, the local club all but wrecking its forces transferring to enable the Quakers build up a representative soccer machine for the Eastern Soccer League campaigning. It is understood that when these transfers were made there were strings attached, most important of which was subject to call when needed. Several are now needed to reinforce the reserve corps as a precaution against injury with Bethlehem engaged in the most important soccer classic in the country. That is why Reid is back with his former teammates. And the same applies to Malloy. As for violating soccer laws or ethics, there are numerous illustrations of transfers which exist in the outlawed American Soccer League. One in particular, a Mr. Patton, who has played with Fall River, Philadelphia and is now with J & P Coats. These are hectic days in soccer and until the controversy is ended one must expect a little leniency on both sides in exacting a strict enforcement of the code.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club