The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
February 29, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

What Is the Trouble?
Soccer fans are more perturbed over the inconsistency display by the Bethlehem Steel Soccer team this season and many reasons have been advanced. "What is the trouble?" is the wail of the soccer fan and the management is no doubt as much concerned in diagnosing the ailment as the cash customer. Statistics would indicate that the team lacks woefully on the defense this year and with figures to back up t his assertion it looks logical. In comparison to other seasons, the forwards are scoring goals on practically the same pro rata basis as in previous years. But the defense is giving away too many to the foemen. In the past any club that could score two goals on the Bethlehem Steel team was considered a marvel. No longer, however, for on more than one occasion the Steelmen have been humiliated this season by having as many as three and sometimes five goals scored on them. The solution of the defense problem, it is believed, would greatly fortify the strength of the club. But where this weakness on the defense rests must be solved.

Figures Tell the Tale
Some soccer fans may take issue in putting the blame on the defense, which is all very well, for each follower of the booting game has a right to form his own opinion. Nevertheless, the comparative figures are facts, which in this instance are not referred to in drawing a basis on relative merit of Bethlehem and its foemen but rather only involving the team. Going back over the record of last season it is noted that in 35 games played, during the same period campaigned thus far, Bethlehem Steel scored 90 goals against 28 for the foemen. The contrast her, for and against, is quite pronounced. Compared with these figures is the record for 35 games thus far this year. The team with 85 goals scored is just five below par of last season. But those against, a total of 61, are more than double of last year. With these figures available one can't get away from the belief that the defense is tottering and herein lies the reason for the inconsistent crusade of the Steelmen. While it is a recognized fact that merit is more equally distributed throughout the league, nevertheless the improvement on the respective forward lines over those of last year would hardly be so great as to more than double the number of goals scored against.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club