The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, March 2, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Can't Be Figured by Previous Results
Three second division and one first division soccer team have survived thus far in the National Challenge Cup competition, completely upsetting the dope in this year's campaigning. The Coats victory over Boston, advancing to the final round was the real upset, for the league record of the Pawtucket Thread Makers didn't give them an outside chance. Coats, in the league standing, is trailing along in third last position in the second division. The New York Giants, semi-finalists with Bethlehem, are in fifth last position. Bethlehem, third in the league standing, is the only first division club to survive among the select set. Fall River, New Bedford, Boston, Providence and Indiana Flooring are the first division clubs that were tumbled by the wayside. Little wonder that soccer fans are expressing surprise at the turn of affairs in the cup competition this year.

More Defeats than Victories
The league record of the Coats teams shows more defeats than victories. The Thread Makers played in twenty-six league games, fourteen resulting in defeats, nine in victories and three in draws. However, the one victory over Boston in the semi-final cup play atoned for all the defeats in league games to date and all that may happen in the remaining league games. Fall River tasted the sting of defeat twice this season, but one of these defeats was the most bitter portion the league champions were forced to accept. To be eliminated in the cup competition after making a runaway race for the league championship must have been quite humiliating to the Marksmen. Of the cup survivors, Bethlehem has the best record, with sixteen games won, three draws and eight defeats.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club