The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Saturday, March 2, 1929
Are Hopeful that Snowfall Will Not Force Postponement of Classic

Although weather conditions were not any too favorable for soccer this afternoon the players of the Bethlehem team went ahead with their preparation for the clash with the New York Giants in the semi-final round of the National Cup competition which is to be played at Dexter Park, Brooklyn, on Sunday afternoon.

No word to the contrary was received and as a result Bethlehem is hoping that the game will be played. IF at all possible the cup committee will see that the field is cleared of snow for postponements of such important gems are seldom.

If the game is played the team will leave for New York on Sunday morning at 11 o’clock, arriving just in time to strip and be ready to respond to the opening whistle. At club quarters all the players were reported in good physical condition and ready for a hard game.

No change in the tentative lineup given earlier in the week is contemplated. With it practically certain that the field will be heavy, if not muddy, Bethlehem will send in to the fray two heft mud horses in Jock Marshall and Hughie Reid, fullbacks. McClure seemed to have the assignment mailed for goal with Carnihan, MacGregor and Reid at halfbacks.

The forward line will be intact with veterans in Archie Stark, Tom Gillespie, Johnny Jaap Alec Massie and Johnny Rollo.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club