The Globe-Times Ė Bethlehem
Monday, March 3, 1930
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer Giants to the Fore
Once again Bethlehem and Fall River have proven themselves the giants of American soccer, gaining the right to this distinction by mowing down all aspirants and advancing to the final round in the National Challenge Cup competition. Bethlehem, a five-time winner of this coveted trophy, emblematic of soccer supremacy of the country, and Fall River, four times winner of the cherished title, will decide the issue two weeks hence when they meet on the Polo Grounds in New York.

A League Comparison
IF comparative scores of the league games played to date are a criterion, Fall River will have a very slight edge on Bethlehem in the cup final. Three times have these two clubs met this year and one more league meeting is still down ton the cards to be decided at the completion of the cup rounds. Fall Riverís average in the league games is one goal better the Bethlehem, having defeated the Steelmen by the score of 2 to 1 in the first engagement. Each of the other two games resulted in a draw, the first at Fall River at 3-1ll and the second in Bethlehem at 1-all.

A Cup Comparison
On the other hand, gleaned from the results of the cup games, Bethlehem has a better average than Fall River. This deduction is based on the goals scored for and against the respective teams and the rating of the opponents met. In three games Bethlehem rolled up an even dozen goals with two scored against it. Fall River smashed a total of 15 goals with four against the team. Bethlehemís opponents were all professional league clubs. Fall River met one semi-pro team and two majored league clubs.

Defeated Formidable Entries
In defeating Brooklyn and New York Giants Bethlehem perhaps eliminated two clubs of the higher ranking than New Bedford and J & P Coats, the two major leaguers eliminated by Fall River. In addition Bethlehem mowed down a strong Newark Portuguese in the first round while Fall Riverís opening victim was a semi-pro club located in Boston. Then again it must not be overlooked that every Bethlehem victory was accomplished in games played away from home while every Fall River win was garnered on the home grounds at Tiverton, R. I. The cup scores of the respective teams were: Bethlehem 8, Newark Portuguese 1. Bethlehem 2, New York Giants 1. Bethlehem 2, Brooklyn Wanderers 1. Fall River 5, Boston Semi-Pro 2, Fall River 6, New Bedford 2. Fall River 5, Pawtucket 2.

Money Rounds to Come
It is in the rounds yet to be played and which ultimate will determine the champion that the big gelt is forthcoming and the surviving club will be handsomely reimbursed financially. The final round on the Polo Grounds, it is expected, will attract close to 20,000 fans, of which number Fall River is certain to have a delegation of several thousand. Bethlehem, a prime favorite in the metropolitan district and having eliminated two of the clubs in that district is sure to draw a heavy patronage from Brooklyn and New York proper. The winner between Fall River and Bethlehem will engage the final survivor of the Western division competition in a series of the best two out of three, one game of which will be played in the East and the other in the West. Both these games with a half decent break in weather conditions should bring out the soccer fans en masse.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club