The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, March 4, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

To See Soccer Classic
It has been several years since Bethlehem F. C. was a semi-finalist in the National Challenge Cup competition and the progress of the Steelmen in this season's cup classic has created enthusiasm in the ranks of the local fans. So much, indeed that a number of Bethlehem soccer fans will journey to Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon to see the Steelmen wage their battle in the semi-final round against the New York Giants on Hawthorne field. Opinion seems to be general that this is Bethlehem's year to bring back the Dewar trophy to the Steel City.

Attitude of Confidence
Out around the Bethlehem Steel gymnasium where the players are going through their paces in special training sessions, a confident attitude seems to prevail. Such a morale is good for any team, but it sometimes lead to overconfidence, the most dangerous menace in athletic competition. The Steel Workers dare not be too over-confident, for the queer turn of affairs in the cup competition strongly indicates that the game must be taken seriously and most important of all, every player must be at his best with the do-or-die spirit. In the competition thus far, the top dog was licked by supposedly inferior opponents, and as the table now stands Bethlehem remains in the competition as the top dog. Past superiority must be forgotten. What the Giants might lack in skill they offset in aggressiveness and the Steel Workers must be prepared to meet such a condition. Furthermore, the local clan must remember that the Giants are a team reputed to go the full ninety minutes without a letup. In reviewing the competition to date Boston licked Fall River when the odds were with the Marksmen; then Coats, the rank outsider and a team not expected to be anywhere near the class toppled Boston, a feat undreamed of by soccer fans. Prior to these upsets the favorites were pumped out of the competition when Indiana Flooring went down to Brooklyn and then Brooklyn was forced to surrender to the New York Giants.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club