The Globe -- Bethlehem
March 4, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Not a Moral Probability
"How many more games does the Bethlehem soccer team have to play in the American Soccer League and what are the chances of being ousted from the league championship?" are queries reaching this desk. There are exactly 10 more league games to be played. As for the chances of losing the league championship, there is a mathematical possibility but we would say not a moral probability. The Steelmen are topping the circuit with a little better than a five-game advantage. That would mean that Bethlehem would have to lose at least six of the remaining 10 engagements, while Boston, he contender, would have to snare ever contest. From that we would say that Bethlehem's league championship hopes are not seriously threatened. Especially so by the form displayed in the last two games. There are 10 more games on the Bethlehem league schedule. Of this number, four are booked away from home. If the worst should happen on the road, it's nearly a cinch that Bethlehem would respond to the call on t he home loam. The four games away from home include a visit each to the home grounds of the New York Giants, New Bedford, Providence and Boston. The home attractions include Philadelphia, here on Saturday; Boston, Coats, New Bedford, Brooklyn and Indiana. There's a chance that Bethlehem may lose out, but a chance few soccer followers would care to gamble with.

European Tour Forecast
The popularity of the Steelmen is manifest in the numerous invitations received to play outside of the league circuit. As a drawing card around the loop more fans pass through the turnstiles when the Bethlehems play than for any other team. And this popularity is by no means confin3ed to the league. There is some talk of a European invasion. And the probability of such a tour, it is said, hinges on the success of the Bethlehem team in defending the National Cup laurels. "Everything is tentative," is the retort of the management in verifying the gossip. "At present we are concerned mostly in the National Cup tie competition," was the conclusion. The European journey is said to have been suggested by representatives of the Hakoah eleven in this country. The Jewish outfit is coming to America for a tour of the States and Canada, sponsored jointly by the Bethlehem and New York Giants' managements. And the Hakoahs want to sponsor a tour of the Americans in Austria-Hungary.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club