The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Monday, March 4, 1929
Deadlock on Sunday – Bethlehem and New York Giants Must Fight it Out Saturday

Negotiations are on for the use of Shibe Park, the home of the Philadelphia Athletics; the Phillies Park, or Catholic High athletic field in the Quaker City, and if successful in securing either one of these three grounds the replay of the semi-final round in the National Challenge Cup competition between Bethlehem and the New York Giants will take place in that city next Saturday afternoon. If these negotiations fail and effort will be made to play the game in the spacious “sesqui” Stadium.

The replay somewhat complicates matters for the New York Giants. IT is understood that the Gotham booters are under contract to meet the touring Hungarian F. C. and that this game is scheduled for next Saturday. IF played in Philadelphia a Saturday game is only possible since Sabbath sports are illegal. Bethlehem was willing to conceded to a postponement for another week but the cup committee ruled otherwise and decreed exhibition or no exhibition the Giants will have to fulfill the edict of the National Association and play the game where and when ordered. IF the cup committee hold first in this decision the Giants have nothing else to do but play the game next Saturday.

Tired from their heroic efforts in overcoming a two goal lead and then striving to emerge victorious, the Bethlehem players returned home last night in good physical condition.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club