The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
March 5, 1928
Also They Crack the Hard Nut Known as Newark in 2 Speedy Games

In qualifying for the final round for the Lewis trophy, the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club did so in decisive manner over the weekend by taking two games from the Newark F. C. and winning each handily. The Jerseymen, recognized as wreckers of potential champions, were anything but that in the two games against Bethlehem in which the total scores disclosed Bethlehem having notched 7 goals against 1 for Newark.

Close to two thousand fans saw the Steelmen defeat Newark in Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon by the score of 3 to 1 and a crowd equally as large gathered in Newark on Sunday to see Bethlehem again emerge victorious by the score of 4 to 0. By virtue of eliminating Newark, the Steelmen will now meet either Boston or New Bedford, the New England teams yet to play a semi-final round.

The combination of Gillespie and Stark were outstanding on the forward line in the Saturday tilt while Edwards' work in goal in both the Philadelphia tilt and one following on Sunday was the bulwark of the Steelmen's defense. Edwards did quite some phenomenal handling.

Tom Gillespie, outside right, was at his best and gave one of the prettiest displays of speed and ball control this season. Repeatedly he beat Cairns, the Newark left back and in the two games gave the latter probably the busiest afternoons he experienced this season. Riled by the continual success of Gillespie, Cairns became more or less vicious in the closing part of the game in Jersey and was warned repeatedly against tactics of ankle tapping which at times was quite pronounced.

Saturday Game

Winning the toss, Bethlehem defended the western section of the field and had the strong wind and sun in its favor during the first 45 minutes. Bethlehem led, 1 to 0, at the interval. The first point was the result of a neat play by Goldie. A half minute before he scored, Gillespie directed the sphere toward goal. The ball rolled toward goal and escaped both Newark fullbacks. Goldie checked it a few yards to the side of goal on a low punt landed in the net.

The Newark team played an erratic game compared with Bethlehem's smooth work. Nevertheless, the Jersey forwards were speedy and several runs by Wardrop, an ex-Philadelphia star, and Purgavie gave the Steelmen's defense many anxious minutes. Bethlehem was the aggressor in the first half, with Newark backs, especially Cairns, playing spectacularly in the defense.

The Jerseymen had the wind in their favor in the second half. After 13 minutes a pass by Gillespie to Stark gave the center forward a chance and he profited by it, scoring on a neat cross shot. Stark also added the final goal on a pretty individual demonstration. He advanced 15 yards, evaded Grosz and drove the ball to the extreme edge of the goal.

Newark rallied and after a couple of corner kicks, a punt from the corner [. . . ] by Wardrop fell among the players at goal and Green slammed it into the net. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Newark
Edwards -- G -- Murdock
W. Reid - -RFB -- Grosz
McMeekin -- LFB -- Cairns
W. Reid -- RHB -- Daley
Carnihan -- CHB -- Moore
MacGregor -- LHB -- Nichol
Gillespie -- OR -- Wardrop
Granger -- IR -- McIntosh
Stark -- CF -- Gregetsky
Rollo -- IL -- Green
Goldie -- OL -- Purgavie
Goals -- Bethlehem: Goldie, Stark 2. Newark: Green. Referee: Dave Scott. Linesmen: Young and Watson. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Sunday Game

Playing on the home grounds of the Jerseymen on Sunday, Bethlehem displayed a brand of soccer that simply baffled their rivals although Newark with the advantage of a strong wind in the first half missed many excellent opportunities to score because of raged finishing. However, when shots were labeled Edwards was the minute man of the Bethlehem clan, grabbing them off from all angles. When Bethlehem had the wind it was little to the game other than the predominance of the Steelmen.

Airtight soccer was played throughout the first half, both elevens displayed a burst of speed and the ball frequently traveling from one end of the field to the other. Each goalie came in for a prominent part as the teams peppered them with shots. Stark broke the scoreless deadlock when he outguessed Murdock with a pretty shot. The half ended with Bethlehem leading, 1 to 0.

Ten minutes after the restart, Gillespie made it two for Bethlehem. A few minutes later Goldie rang up No. 3. With the score 3 to 0 against them, Newark fought hard to break the shutout. Edwards came in for quite a bit of attention at this moment and saved the day with some sensational stops.

With the game well sewed up, Gillespie came through with the fourth and final goal, and his second for the afternoon.

Despite this lead, Newark kept on fighting, but the airtight defense of the visitors blocking all attempts to score.

The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Newark
Edwards -- G -- Murdock
Reid - -RFB -- Grosz
Allan -- LFB -- Cairns
McDonald -- RHB -- Daley
Carnihan -- CHB -- McIntosh
W. Reid -- LHB -- Nichol
Gillespie -- OR -- Wardrop
Jaap -- IR -- Aspden
Stark -- CF -- Duggan
Jackson -- IL -- Green
Goldie -- OL -- Purgavie
Referee: Humes: linesmen, E. McCabe and T. Dempsey. Goals -- Bethlehem: Stark, Gillespie 2, Goldie. Subs -- Thompson for McIntosh; McGowan for Aspden. Time of halves, 40 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club