The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Wednesday, March 6, 1929
Bethlehem and Giants Will Wage Their Battle on Ground of Yellow Jackets

Frankfort Stadium, the home of the Yellow Jackets football team, will be the scene of the replay of the semi-final round, Eastern Division of the National Challenge Cup competition on Saturday afternoon between Bethlehem and the New York Giants. This decision was made last Tuesday night in spite of influences brought to bear to have the game played at Starlight Park, the home of the New York Giants.

The game is a replay of the tie contest waged by the two teams on a muddy field at Dexter Park, Brooklyn, last Sunday when the final whistle found the numerals deadlocked at 2 all. The stadium where the game is to be played is a most ideal site, being located between the Tacony and Kensington districts, both of which are hotbeds for the booting game. The accommodations are also ideal with a seating capacity in excess of 15,000.

Holding form to have the game replayed on a neutral ground and suggesting Philadelphia as the place, the Bethlehem management was notified last night that Secretary Thomas W. Cahill, of the United States Football Association, had turned a deaf ear to the pleadings of the Giants’ representatives to schedule the contest in New York. The Giants, under contract to play a touring Hungarian team on Saturday, were released from that obligation.

With the location settled the Bethlehem dribblers are going through strenuous training paces this week, determined to conquer the Giants on Saturday and advance to the final round in which the opponent most likely will be the Hakoah All-Stars. There is doubt in only one position on the tam and that is in goal. The choice for this important position will not be made until the end of the week.

John McClure and John Finneran, the two custodians on the club, are being put through a daily workout. Every attempt for long sessions these two goalies stand up against the sharp-shooting forwards of the Bethlehem team and are called upon to handle a volley of shots. Which of the two will be selected will be determined on the form displayed at the end of the week.

As for the remainder of the team all the other players are in excellent condition. The veteran Jock Marshall and Hugh Reid came through the hard game of last Sunday none the worse for the rough going. The same applies to the halfbacks, Carnihan, MacGregor and W. Reid. The former stunned in a collision with a Giant player, suffered no ill effects.

The forwards, too, are in fine fettle and are hoping for a fast and dry pitch. Archie Stark will again be at his regular pivot position with Gillespie and Jaap, the right wingers and Massie and Rollo on the left.

In view of the vast interest manifest in the campaigning of the team and the close proximity of the replay, many local fans are expected to journey to Philadelphia on Saturday.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club