The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Thursday, March 7, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Creighton to Toot the Whistle
Charlie Creighton the chap who tooted the whistle for Bethlehem and New York Giants in the deadlocked Eastern Division semi-final National Cup play at Brooklyn last Sunday, has been assigned by the National Association to repeat when Bethlehem and the Giants lock honors in their replay in Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon. Apparently the work of Creighton was quite satisfactory to the cup committee on the previous occasion. He is probably one of the oldest referees in the country and by virtue of his experience should be quite capable.

Of Local Interest
“The reason Dave Edwards, the former Bethlehem backstop is not sporting the New Bedford colors in the last few games is on account of Edwards being laid up with an injured ankle,” reads a soccer squib in a current issue of a Philadelphia newspaper. Edwards will be remembered as goalie with Bethlehem who ditched the team. The fact that Edwards is injured is not surprising. When playing with Bethlehem the goalie had frequent lapses in which he remained idle to nurse bruises. In fact, it seemed that Dave was always on the shelf undergoing physical repairs at a time when his services were most needed and in the most important games of the season. One game in particular where his absence virtually cost the Bethlehem club the American Soccer League championship. The game against Boston in which Bethlehem was ruled out of the race on the technicality of using an unsigned custodian after defeating the Hubmen.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club