The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, March 9, 1925
This Was What Maxwell of Steel Team Did Against Providence Aided by Teammates

by F. S. Nonnemacher
Houdini in his days had nothing on the bagful of tricks unleashed by Sturdy Maxwell, the stocky inside right of the Bethlehem Steel F. C. in the victory of the Steel Workers over the Providence F. C. on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon. By defeating the Rhode Island invaders 5 goals to 1 the Bethlehem team annexed two additional points in the American Soccer League games.

There were other Steel Workers whose performance displayed winning form, but not any which was as outstanding as that of the former Third Lanark player, who, on a heavy field, was in his element. The ball control of Sturdy ranked with the best display witnessed this season while his distribution of the play and passing to the wings fairly dazed the Providence defense. With Goldie and Turner, outside wingmen working in perfect accord with the inside forwards Providence was all but run ragged in their efforts to frustrate the Bethlehem scoring.

Providence was minus the Egyptian star, Abdullah, on the forward line, and Dick, center halfback of the Sam Fletcher clan, assumed the position with Nellson playing in the halfback line. Due to the pressure of the Steel Workers these players reversed positions in the second half but with no seeming effect whatever.

Bethlehem Scores Quickly

Hardly two minutes of the game had been played when the several hundred loyals were given their first opportunity to cheer. Arthur Robertson got possession and started to carry the ball toward goal. But one back obstructed his path and resorting to the neat trick of lifting the ball over the leg thrust followed it in and located well out of reach of Surgener.

Goldie missed what seemed to be an easy chance but instead of the ball being cleared Neil Turner lashed it back and Robertson was deprived of another goal when Surgerner saved. Bethlehem, however, again pressing, this time Robertson's right foot kick skimming harmlessly past the upright.

Given close attention Archie Stark, the Bethlehem center forward quickly sensed the situation and never lost an opportunity to rely on his confederates on the forward line to notch the goals. After twenty-two minutes of play he started a movement that proved productive. Drawing the defense toward him Stark suddenly swung the ball to Goldie who was uncovered and the speedy outside left without an instant's hesitation centered perfectly. All Turner had to do was put his head to the ball and this he did without any mistake with Surgener at the other end of the goal mouth.

The center of Turner and Goldie was perfect, and it was the latter's pass [...] minutes later that enabled Robertson to again score before the half ended. Turner after cleverly beating the back lashed across a perfect pass, almost parallel with the touch line. Robertson was the minute man of the play and his header went true to the mark. The half ended with Bethlehem leading 3 goals to none.

The first opportunity to score in the second half finally came and Bethlehem made the most of it. The ball was lashed to Turner and the latter again beating the back centered perfectly. Stark headed. Surgener in his effort to save knocked the ball down but before he could clear Turner touched it into the net.

Providence Escapes Shutout

Providence escaped a shutout a short time later when Beattie took advantage of a miskick by MacGregor. The veteran Bob starred with his brilliant defensive work but on this instance the slippery turf proved disastrous and Beattie went right past Ferguson and then sent the ball across to Florie. The latter close to goal banged it into the net well out of reach of Carson.

The minutes were fast flitting and Stark had not yet scored in spite of the many opportunities that came his way. It was not that the Bethlehem center forward lacked the sense of direction but it seemed that Surgener happened to b e just where Stark had labeled his shots. However, the league leading scorer could not b e denied and the opportunity to increase his sum total came on a pass from Jock Ferguson. Bethlehem had forced a corner which was successfully cleared. Stark was well out when Ferguson seeing an opening slipped the ball up the center to him and in a flash Stark whipped around and with a terrific drive hit the target. The game ended a few minutes later.

In the matter of corners, Bethlehem was forced to concede three to the visitors, not any of which were productive.

The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Providence
Carson -- G -- Surgener
Young -- RFB -- Abet
J. Ferguson -- LFB -- Fletcher
McDonald -- RHB -- Blair
Carnihan -- CHB -- Neilson
MacGregor -- LHB -- Auld
Turner -- OR -- Beattie
Maxwell -- IR -- Dick
Stark -- CF -- Best
Robertson -- IL -- Parkin
Goldie -- OL -- Florie
Goals -- Turner 2; Robertson 2; Stark 1; Florie 1. Referee -- Oates, Philadelphia. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club