The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Monday, March 10, 1930
Four Regulars on Bethlehem Team in Game Against New York Nationals

Satisfied with the brilliant 5 to 4 triumph over the New York Giants here on Saturday afternoon, the Bethlehem soccer eleven was in a charitable frame of mind in New York on Sunday virtually making a gift of the game to the New York Nationals. Played on the Polo Grounds and lost by the score of 2 to 0. Starting the game Dick was the only regular on the forward line and drastic other changes were made in the other positions. Only four regulars started the game.

While the points were lost in league competition the defeat does not in the least impair Bethlehem’s standing insofar as the cup competition is concerned and as scheduled the home booters will meet Fall River in the final next Sunday afternoon at the Polo Grounds.

In Championship Form

Playing true to championship form Bethlehem through the phenomenal goal shooting of Archie Stark defeated the New York Giants in a league game here on Saturday afternoon.

Four times did Stark locate the rigging to sink his shot and was indirectly responsible for the fifth marker counted by Jaap and coming after Stark had given one of the prettiest solo exhibitions witnessed on the home grounds this season. A dash for forty-five yards, tricking and eluding the Giants defense and then a perfect pass snapped to Jaap at the very edge of the goal mouth, accounted for the odd goal.

Bethlehem scored two of the five goals in the first half and although the Giants were two down at one time early in the game this substantial lead did not discourage them but rather brought forth a more determined fight which for a time threatened to bear fruit when for a short period after the restart the Gotham eleven went into the lead.

Early in the game Bethlehem lost a marker when on a rebound shot from Rollo, Jaap crashed the ball into the net but Referee Pepper ruled offside and the goal was disallowed. Continuing to attack and favored with the wind, Jock Brown was doing some pretty handling before Stark, on a pass from Jaap, opened the scoring with a pretty shot. A few minutes later a foul was called against the Giants near midfield and Willie Reid took the kick. The ball went sailing true to the mark but the needed impetus to deflect it out of the course of the waiting goalie was given when Stark went high in the air and with a deft touch headed into the net.

Leading by two goals Bethlehem seemed secure when a pretty movement down the field, manipulated by Jimmy Brown, O’Brien and Moorehouse ended with Beveridge making a beautiful save, batting the ball down with one hand but before he could recover his position Ballantyne came from nowhere and crashed it into the net. The half ended with Bethlehem leading 2 to 1.

With six goals scored after the restart the second half was replete with thrills. Hardly had the game been resumed before Jimmy Brown blasted through the equalizer. In a very short time the Browns were again much in evidence Davy and Jimmy playing the ball over to Moorehouse who headed in and gave the Giants a 3 to 2 lead.

Smarting under this sudden turn of affairs Bethlehem again came to life with an exhibition of rapid fire scoring. Johnny Rollo broke away and taking the ball down the right wing lofted the ball to the goal mouth from where Stark headed in. The Giants took a turn at attacking and forced a corner but in a flash the ball was up the field and in the New Yorkers net. On the corner the ball was cleared to midfield where Stark took possession and broke away with his pretty run ending when Jaap scored. Bethlehem was by no means through scoring for again on a pass from Rollo, Stark made good and fortunately he did for Bethlehem needed the goal to win. With less than two minutes to play the Giants put on a rally in which Forrester scored but before any more damage could be accomplished the game ended. The lineup:

N. Y. Giants – Bethlehem Steel
Jock Brown – G – Beveridge
John Brown – RFB – Finlayson
Glover – LFB – Gibson
Slone – RHB – Reid
Forester – CHB – Carnihan
Daly – LHB – Robertson
Jas. Brown – OR – Purgavie
Ballantyne – IR – Jaap
Davy Brown – CF – Stark
O’Brien – IL – Rollo
Moorehouse – OL – Dick
Goals: Stark 4, Jaap, Ballantyne, James Brown, Moorehouse, Forester. Substitutions: Jogis for Daly, Massie for Purgavie. Referee: Fred Pepper. Linesmen: J. H. Carpenter and Horace Williams. Time of halves: 45 minutes.

Patched Up Team

Even with a patched up team, drastic to the extreme evident by the inclusion of Andy Beveridge, a goalie, playing center forward, Bethlehem gave the Nats a hard rub before submitting to defeat.

The Nationals led at half time by two goals, scored by Bart McGhee after ten minutes’ play and Johnny Nelson at 25 minutes and successfully defied their rivals to get the ball into their net for the rest of the game.

Right from the kickoff Giants swarmed all over the Bethlehemites. McGhee missed by a whisker with a wicked drive. A strong attack was kept up, but Fraser managed to keep everything at bay until Warden fed the ball well up to McGhee, who raced it in from the touch line to open the score with a smashing shot after ten minutes’ play which the Bethlehem goalkeeper had no earthly chance to save.

The visitors took a turn with several telling assaults and Chatton prevented a certain goal as he got back to upset Dick who was clean through.

At twenty-five minutes McGhee engineered a movement upon Bethlehem’s goal and cleverly drawing the defenders out of position, lifted the ball into the goal mouth, where Nelson jumped up to nod in the second goal.

The Steel Workers made desperate attempts to cut down the lead, but Douglas, with some great work turned back shot after shot, the Nationals keeping their two-goal advantage at half time.

Bethlehem trotted out Massie for Robertson and Reid for Purgavie upon resuming, but the changes had little effect upon the sterling work of the Nationals’ rear guard.

Time after time the ball was worked into the danger zone, but every time a National back would bob up to ward off the threat. Two corners came to the Steel Workers, but both were cleared. The ball was finally driven into the net by Tollan, a player picked up in the New York district to fill in, but the whistle had gone just previously for offside against Beveridge and the goal was disallowed. The lineup:

N. Y. Nationals – Bethlehem
Douglas – G – Fraser
Warden – RFB – Gibson
McMillan – LFB – McGregor
Gallagher – RHB – Rollo
Chatton – CHB – Finlayson
Donald – LHB – Pitt
Stevens – OR – Purgavie
Larson – IR – Tollan
Nelson – CF – Beveridge
Lafferty – IL – Robertson
McGhee – OL – Dick
Referee: E. McCabe. Linesmen, W. Williams and W. Murray. Goals: McGhee and Nelson. Substitutions: Reid for Purgavie, Massie for Robertson. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

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