The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Monday, March 10, 1930
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Gotham Fans the Yokels
The loyal soccer fans who turned out at the Polo Grounds, New York, yesterday afternoon to see Bethlehem wage a league game against the Nats were sorely disappointed over the lineup the visitors presented but have no one to blame but those who have the big say and arrange the games. It was ridiculous to book Bethlehem and Fall River for two hard games when the week following the most important soccer classic of the East is to be waged and it was a foregone conclusion that the finalists in the National Cup competition would either play under wraps or load up a team with a bunch of reserves. That is what Bethlehem did and did so wisely, for the possible league points compare in no manner with the laurels at state in the final round. Fall River played a regular team against Brooklyn and was held to a one goal draw. However, Fall River, as the writer gets it, is a club limited to 14 players and had no other alternative. And furthermore Sam Marks made no attempt to go out into the market and fill in with reserves.

Discount Comparative Scores
Comparative scores over the weekend involving the cup finalists are not true criterion of merit. Fall River trounced the Nationals and the Nats trimmed Bethlehem. On the other hand Bethlehem eliminated Brooklyn in the cup tie and Brooklyn held Fall River to a one goal draw. And then to go back a bit further the Giants licked the Nationals unmercifully and Bethlehem defeated the Giants in both cup and league affairs. The safest wager is that two good teams will battle for the eastern cup honors and its going to be a tough battle, regardless of which side wins.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club