The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Monday, March 11, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Out of the Picture
It’s all over insofar as Bethlehem soccer interest is concerned in the National Challenge Cup competition. The final chapter to the campaign of the local booters in this important classic, emblematic of national soccer supremacy, was written on the Yellow Jackets’ gridiron in Frankfort, Phila., on Saturday afternoon when the New York Giants conquered in the semi-final replay. It was convincingly evident at the conclusion of the game that some of the players who sported the blue and white of the Bethlehem team were unable to cope with the speedy forwards of some of the topnotch teams. It was also plainly evident that the rearrangement of positions to present a complete lineup materially weakened the home team plus the work of Charlie Creighton, the referee.

A Veteran Whistle Tooter
Before the game Creighton was heralded as the one man capable of handling the contest. After the game opinion of the majority of the 3000 spectators was undoubtedly contrary to the reputation of the veteran whistle tooter. Creighton, like many other players, may have been ”thar or tharabouts” in the hey day of his career but his work on Saturday convincing that he has far passed the mark of efficiency. IT must have been galling for the two linesmen to submit to some of the decisions. His domineering attitude in ignoring the counsel of his linesmen on the most important ruling and then turning for their counsel on decisions that were hardly of import, certainly did not add to his prestige. Understand there were other contributing factors to the defeat of the Bethlehem team such as the Messrs. Brown, Stevens and Ballantyne, but, nevertheless the work of Creighton did not inspire the mental attitude of a team playing under the stress of the loss of two of their best players.

Replays Fatal
Bethlehem’s luck in replays for the national title have been fatal. Twice has the team in recent years been shoved out of the picture when called upon to go to bat after a deadlock. Last year, if recalled correctly, it was the Brooklyn team to give Bethlehem the hit in the replay and this year it was the Giants. Wonder which of the clubs it will be next year, if any?

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club