The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Thursday, March 13, 1930
A Swing Along Athletic Row

How’s This for Support?
Rumblings from Fall River, the home bailiwick of the Marksmen soccer booters, indicate that the finalists in the National Cup competition to be waged on the Polo Grounds on Sunday afternoon will have plenty of moral support. Up Fall River way they are as rabid over soccer as they are in Hazleton over basketball, declaring a general holiday when the team is out gunning for big stakes. Twenty thousand soccer fans are expected to jam the Polo Grounds and of this number, Fall River is expected to contribute slightly less than one-third. The following is self-explanatory on the widespread interest manifest in Fall River: “About 6,000 rooters are expected to accompany the Fall River soccer team to meet Bethlehem in the Eastern final of the National Challenge Cup competition. Two steamers have been chartered at Fall River and one at Providence to carry the supporters of the New England club. Pennsylvania and New Jersey are expected to send large quotas in support of the Steelmen. With the number of soccer fans in the metropolitan district, the crowd may reach 20,000.”

A Corporal’s Guard
Bethlehem’s contribution to the attendance will probably not run into the four figures but what is lacking in number from this city will be generously contributed to by Gotham fans who seem to take a stronger liking to Bethlehem than they do to Fall River. But Bethlehem’s delegation, often referred to, comparatively speaking, as a corporal’s guard, will probably be the biggest ever to accompany the team for a cup game. There will be no chartered steamers to carry the rabids to the metropolis, but if the reservations continue to file in there will be a caravan of buses hitting the concrete highway with the Polo Grounds the objective.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club