The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, March 15, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The Dewar Trophy
Bethlehem Steel advanced another notch in the race for National Challenge Cup honors and have only to defeat J & P Coats in the final round to be played next Sunday to draw the prize of appearing in the grand final in the West. The Steel Workers advanced by eliminating the New York Giants in Brooklyn on Sunday in one of the hardest battles experienced by Bethlehem this season. It was give and take, with no quarter shown, and the players departing themselves with reckless abandon. The final whistle found both teams pretty well used up, for in spite of the excellent condition, the grueling pace every second of the ninety minutes sapped every ounce of reserve energy.

Providence the Scene of Final Encounter
Next Sunday two outside teams will be guests in Providence ready to put on their battle for supremacy in the Eastern division of the cup race. The Steelmen drew Coats, the latter easy for Bethlehem in league contests, but one of those in-and-out clubs; poor when not on their game and exceptionally good when at their best. The latter was apparent when they disposed of Boston. So Bethlehem cannot take their opponent cheaply, but must wage a battle with the same caution and determination which brought them victory over the Giants. Neither team will have any undue advantage in playing in Providence other than that the close proximity of Providence and Pawtucket will enable fans who are partisan to the New England clan to turn out in force. The Providence field is smaller than the average pitches in the American Soccer League, but both Bethlehem and Coats have big home fields.

Superstitiouis Robert
"This is Bethlehem's year," ejaculated Robert MacGregor, Bethlehem's left halfback, on the train en route to Bethlehem last night after the Giant game. And no one can tell Bob any different, for he is firm in his belief. "When I broke into Senior soccer across the pond the team I played with was eliminated in one of the final rounds. The following year we were knocked out without having a look in in one of the early rounds, but the third year I was with the club we won the cup. This is my third season of soccer with the Bethlehem Steel team. The first year, you will remember, the team was put out of the National Cup in one of the final rounds. Last year we were not in the National competition but battled in the American League Cup competition. In one of the early rounds were put out of running. So you see this will be my third year with Bethlehem and if history repeats, the cup will again adorn the trophy room of the Steel Workers." MacGregor has a host of Bethlehem fans pulling for his dope.

Never Out Until Licked
Defeated, but not disgraced. The New York Giants went down fighting and when trailing on the short end of the score, gave one of the most spirited exhibitions of soccer ever witnessed, so much so that in the last fifteen minutes of play the terrific pressure for a time threatened to demoralize the well groomed Steel Workers in their frantic effort to check the attack. The Giants played in characteristic form. They were every bit the cup team, giving a display of fight and stamina and at their best when odds were against them. In those last fifteen minutes of play, soccer science was tossed to the wind. Bethlehem cleared successfully in those vicious attacks, but he Giant backs never hesitated in slashing the ball back into Bethlehem territory with long and hard drives. "They must equalize," shouted the Gotham rooters, and so it seemed when time and again the ball hovered around the Steelmen's goal. But the equalizer did not come.

Game Replete With Thrills
Any one that didn't get a kick out of the Giant-Bethlehem game surely is a cold blooded mortal. It was one that had just enough bodily contact to excite the red blood of the sportsman. With shots flying thick and fast at both nets and the goalies saving or batting them down for the backs to cut in and clear just when the ball was about to roll into the net, were but a few of the many exciting moments to thrill the spectators.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club