The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Friday, March 15, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer War All Wet
And now for a little gossip on the soccer controversy, inspired by the theory that the “war is all wet.” While on the surface things might appear to be at standstill the last several days developed that much of the talk recently heard is not mere rumor but that activities behind the curtain have been pronounced. The U. S. F. A. is standing pat and it is believed will continue to stand pat in spite of any agitation or influence to withdraw the ban on “outlaw soccer,” a status pinned on the American Soccer League. While there is little hope that anything definite will be done this season, there might be some startling developments at the close of the schedule and whatever does occur indications are that the National Association will not fall short in gaining its point. Not everything is rosy up in the New England district and while probably the Eastern Soccer League is not what it should be insofar as uniform merit of the clubs is concerned, it is believed that in spite of such a condition this loop is now more firmly established than the outlaw league.

Ready to Bolt
Rumor has it that several of the New England clubs are ready to bolt and will seek reinstatement with the U. S. F. A. and affiliation with the clubs in the Eastern Soccer League. Perhaps this rumor is slightly exaggerated but the talk has been so persistent the last several days that surely there must be some foundation. Any such action would undoubtedly wreck the outlaw league and if one club took the initiative others would probably follow. However, to expect developments before the close of the season is far remote. During the summer months when playing activities are at a standstill the soccer moguls will find more opportunity for confabs. The unfortunate aspect in bringing about a reconciliation is the fact that the majority of the clubs in the Eastern League are satisfied to remain intact and disapprove the idea of again making trips to New England territory, journeys that would materially add to the guarantees to cover the traveling expenses and other inconveniences.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club