The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Friday, March 15, 1929
Half Back and Wing Forward May See Service Against Rangers Here on Saturday

Acquisition of two new players for the Bethlehem soccer team will somewhat offset the loss of several veterans for the Eastern Soccer League game against the Rangers here on Saturday afternoon.

Unheralded the newcomers arrived last night and although neither one of the duo have probably completely shaken off their sea legs it is most certain that both will see service. The new acquisitions are Morris McSloy, a right halfback and outside right, and John Murphy, right wing forward, the former from England and the latter from Scotland.

Both players came to Bethlehem for a trial believing that with the experience they garnered abroad they will be able to make the grade. McSloy is 24 years of age and played extensively in soccer. He stands almost 6 feet tall and weights 162 pounds. If he should make good he would be the most valuable asset to the team on the front line defense. He is reputed to do 100 yards in 11 seconds flat and his speed might curb some of the fast and tricky forwards Bethlehem is forced to meet in the league campaigning. Murphy played extensively in Scottish junior circles.

The services of Tom Beveridge, Centennial goalie, were also successfully negotiated for and the former Quaker City custodian might likewise be here for a chance between the uprights. Finneran has been given the call for the permanent position but maybe forced to remain idle to allow Beveridge a trial.

The club has appealed to the U. S. F. A. to act on the suspension of Alec Massie, incurred after his argument with Referee Creighton in the cup game last Saturday. The plight of the team with Carnihan and MacGregor, will on the sick list, prompted this action but it is very doubtful that the National Association will air the case and lift the suspension in time to allow Massie to take his regular place on the forward line.

The Rangers will present a formidable aggregation and a team Bethlehem must take seriously if they hope to win. With the usual gala array of veterans sporting the colors of the Blue and White, the Rangers created quite a furor in soccer ranks when they held Bethlehem to a draw, this game following a brilliant 4 to 1 victory over the Hakoah All-Stars.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club