The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, March 16, 1923
Soccer Notes

Several soccer games of importance are scheduled to be played tomorrow and Sunday. Philadelphia vs. Bethlehem, Pawtucket vs. Fall River and Brooklyn vs. Harrison completes the American League schedule. Paterson and New Your will clash at Harrison field in the replay of eastern semi-final of the National Cup. Extra time will be played if necessary to decide the winners.

Big Dan McNiven, the center forward of the Steel Workers, is tied with Fleming, A. Stark and Harold Brittan for the goal-scoring leadership. Dan missed a number of games through injuries, but he is now traveling at a fast clip and should be amongst those present when the individual honors are handed around.

The Steel Workers are exceedingly fortunate in having a man with the ability of Highfield to defend the citadel in the absence of Kerry, who was the regular custodian before a severe illness meant a three-week sojourn in St. Luke's Hospital. Highfield gave a display of goalkeeping against New York that will be long remembered by those who were fortunate enough to witness it.

Bethlehem was often swept aside in the early games by the rushing tactics that are typical of American soccer. However, they have recently shown a tendency to mix the American style with the one they were accustomed to and their play has improved accordingly. Their baptism is over and they are now a match for the roughest as well as the cleverest.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club