The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, March 16, 1925
American League Game In Down East City, Now Nestles In Local Arms

Playing away from home and in a territory supposedly hostile due to the intense rivalry, the Bethlehem Steel F. C. captivated the more than two thousand fans present to see the Steel Workers display a finished and scientific brand of football and defeat the rejuvenated J & P Coats eleven at Pawtucket, R. I., on Saturday afternoon. The Bethlehem team defeated the thread makers in an American Soccer League contest by the score of 3 goals to 1.

While all of the Steel Workers applied themselves in a creditable manner, the playing of the veterans Bill Carnihan and Bob MacGregor were outstanding features. Time and again found Capt. Carnihan in back of the backs when they seemed beaten to take the ball out of play while MacGregor was equally as busy in breaking up and opening the play. On the forward line Stark received able support from his confederates and in spite of the close attention given the Bethlehem center forward he managed to break through to score two of the Steel Workers' three goals. All of the scoring was confined to the first period.

The thread makers were the first to score but it was not long afterwards that Bethlehem applied pressure and then not only equalized but counted enough goals before the first half ended to win the game. After fifteen minutes the Coats right wing came sweeping down the field with a pretty passing movement tricking Davy Ferguson out of the play. Young hurrying over to break up the play handled the b all as Hibbert shot and a penalty was awarded. Hibbert, the Coats center forward, who played a good game for the home team, was called upon to convert the spot kick. He drove to the right corner of the net. Carson made a dive for the b all and succeeded in knocking it back into scrimmage but before any of his teammates could come to his assistance to clear, Hibbert, quick to follow up, blazed the ball into the net.

Ten minutes later Archie Stark equalized. It was during a lively scrimmage in front of goal that Stark took a header from Maxwell and directed the ball well out of reach of Murphy, the Coats' custodian. Several of the home players claimed offside on the play but Referee White, who ably handled the contest, ignored the protest.

The goal that put the Steel Workers into the lead came five minutes later and was a terrific drive off the toe of Turner. Carnihan and Stark paved the way for this success when the former trapped the ball ahead to Stark. The Bethlehem pivot man tricked Stevenson, the Coats right fullback, and then shot a pass back and across to Turner. The Bethlehem right winger easily beat Murphy with a shot true to the mark.

Although time was fast drawing to a close Bethlehem was not yet satisfied and before half time arrived the spectators were treated to a brilliant individual effort by Stark. The Bethlehem center forward in completing the day's scoring again beat Stevenson and turning in a cross from the right he left the Coats' custodian sprawled on the ground as he directed a terrific drive into the far corner. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Coats
Carson -- G -- Murphy
Young -- RFB -- B[...]
D. Ferguson -- LFB -- Stevenson
MacGregor -- RHB -- McAvoy
Carnihan -- CHB -- Perry
McDonald -- LHB -- Adams
Turner -- OR -- McGrane
Maxwell -- IR -- Sweeney
Stark -- CF -- Hibbert
Robertson -- IL -- McLeavey
Goldie -- OR -- Harvie
Goals -- Stark 2; Turner 1; Hibbert 1. Referee -- Fred White of Providence. Linesmen -- Charles Hart of Centredale and William Wiley of Central Falls. Time -- 45 minute halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club