The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
March 16, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row
The Eastern Finalist Either J & P Coats or the New York Nationals will be Eastern finalists in the National Challenge Cup and the survivor of these two clubs will met the Western representative for the premier soccer honors of the country. Soccer fans will not have to wait a very long time before it is determined which of the teams will advance to the pedestal as the cream of the Eastern soccer ranks for the teams are scheduled to lock horns and decide the issue on Sunday afternoon. A precedent will probably be established by this game in that it will be the first time a finalist was favored with playing the important classic on the home field. The Polo Grounds, owned and operated by Charlie Stoneham, is the home grounds of the Nationals, the latter the property of the baseball magnate.

Steelmen's Opponent in the Final
The opponent of the Bethlehem Steel Club is the professional tournament for the Lewis cup will be determined over the weekend. In this tournament the Steelmen advanced to the final by taking two games from Newark. In the New England sector the issue has not yet been decided but will be when New Bedford and Boston meeting in the two games over the weekend. Boston is slightly favored to win the series but one can never tell what the Whalers are apt to do. New Bedford is a dangerous team when ore than ordinary soccer laurels are at stake.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club