The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, March 17, 1925
Steel Workers Will be at Full Strength, Not Being Willing

The Bethlehem Steel F. C. will engage the Philadelphia F. C. in an American Soccer League game on the home grounds on Saturday afternoon and although the Phillies come to Bethlehem with a record not very imposing, the Steel Workers will take no chances in their determination to annex two additional points in the league race.

For Bethlehem to get better than an even break in the race, Fall River would have to lose two games and in that event the Steel Workers would emerge on top by the margin of one point. A number of the games still remaining will be played away from home but with the team displaying the brand of soccer witnessed in the last two games, it is believed that nothing can stop them.

The visit of the Phillies here on Saturday will provide the opportunity of including several of the Steel Workers who have not played regularly in the lineup and will also see John McCormick, the much heralded Irish goalie doing his bit between the sticks in his first big league game in this country.

McCormick impressed with the manner in which he handled himself in a recent game played between the Allentown F. C. and the Wanderers, and will be given his first tryout with the Bethlehem Club. Another player who has been seen in action in recent games and incidentally an Irishman and close friend of McCormick will be Jack Evans, a half back. The Bethlehem halfbacks have been pressed pretty hard this season and the day's rest will come as a welcome relief. Capt. Bill Carnihan will most likely be the halfback missing in the lineup. Carnihan, who underwent a dental operation early in the season, was forced to undergo another this week. His condition is not serious and Bill is expected back in his old position for some of the more important games to follow.

These changes should not in the least affect the strength of the team. If anything should fortify the team more strongly for the newcomers will enter the game fresh from a two or three weeks' rest.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club