The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Monday, March 17, 1930
Stark’s Heroic Effort in Cup Final Ruled Out by Referee Charlie Creighton.

Bethlehem and Fall River battled to a one goal tie at the Polo Grounds, New York, Sunday afternoon in the Eastern National Cup final before 15,000 fans. The second half ended with each team one goal up and another thirty minute period could not decide the winner. The game will be replayed next Sunday at New Bedford.

Fall River has the 19-year-old six footer Reder, plus a few weird decisions to thank that they live to fight another day. During the first half Fraser was called on to save only twice while Reder the Fall River custodian was called on to save his goal sixteen times, which he did in regular he-man style to the applause of the fans. Bethlehem’s combination, sometimes Jaap and Gillespie on the right and Massie and Dick on the left, took the ball into Fall River territory so many times in the opening half that the fans sat back in amazement and figured that such great work would surely bring goals. That it produced only one goal was where luck played its part. But its goals and not luck that figures in the final analysis.

Bethlehem missed a golden opportunity in the second half to make their score two up. Stark got through and was about to shoot from a twelve yard range when one of the Fall River backs hooked his foot and brought the flash center down. The referee immediately blew his whistle amid the Bethlehem fans howling for a penalty kick. Referee Creighton seemed loath to give Bethlehem a penalty and for some unforeseen reason consulted both linesmen. He finally decided to award the penalty. Bill Carnihan took the kick. He tried to place the ball out of reach of Reder’s long arms by shooting a few inches inside the upright, but unfortunately it went wide.

Twice in the second half it looked as if Bethlehem should have been awarded penalties. Once when Gillespie shot the ball beyond the back and was beating the Fall River man to the ball again, when Gillespie was tripped from behind inside the eighteen yard line. The Steel outside right jumped up and appealed to Creighton but to no avail. Again Dick was brought down inside the dangerous area, but nothing was done.

Playing practically with eight men in the second fifteen minute period, as Carnihan was hurt and returned, Stark lame from being roughly handled by Fall River backs and Gillespie suffering his old injury. Jaap and Stark by good combination brought the ball in front of Fall River’s goal. There was a mix-up with Fall River backs, Stark, Jaap and Massie with other players were congratulating each other, the referee was consulting one of the linesmen with the result that the goal was disallowed on the grounds that Stark slapped the ball into the net. However, if Creighton, who was right on the play or should have been, didn’t see it, it was funny why the linesmen seventy-five yards away could see any better.

Fall River fans must have numbered three to four thousand. Their cheers outdid the Bethlehem supporters who must have numbered around five hundred. The Gotham fans appeared neutral, cheering first one team and then the other according to the way the play caught their fancy. When Bethlehem were holding off the Fall River final attack with only eight men, and were disallowed that goal, the neutral fans veered to Bethlehem and rang out cheer after cheer, as first Fraser would save, or when McGregor and Findlayson would bob up and clear their lines, just as it looked as if the Bethlehem goal would fall.

Just ten minutes had gone by in the second half when Stark and Dick did good work that produced Bethlehem’s tally. Archie Stark came tearing through the center with a dazzling run, completely outwitting McGill and then slipped the ball to Dick. Sandy Dick came within fifteen yards to the left of the goal and sent across a speedy center, McAuley rushed across the goal, the ball skimming his head into the net.

During a breakaway with about fifteen minutes to go, Andy McNabb did some good work. He went down and right and sent in a shot that Fraser saved. Ballantyne returned the ball and again McNabb fastened on the leather, tricked a couple Bethlehem players and made the score one all.

Two extra periods of fifteen minutes were played. Carnihan got hurt five minutes from the restart and was a complete loss to the team.

Bethlehem – Fall River
Fraser – G – Reder
Finlayson – RHB – McGill
McGregor – LHB – R. McAuley
Reid – RHB – McPherson
Carnihan – CHB – Priestley
Pitt – LHB – Ballantyne
Gillespie – OR – McNabb
Jaap – IR – Gonsalves
Stark – CF – Patenaude
Massie – IL – J. McAuley
Dick – OL – White
Substitution – Nilson for Gonsalves. Goals – Dick, McNab. Referee: C. E. Creighton. Linesmen, F. DeGroof and M. Hutchinson. Time of halves, 45 minutes and two extra periods of 15 minutes each.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club