The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Tuesday, March 18, 1930
A Swing Along Athletic Row

More Echoes Wafted
One would hardly expect soccer fans to become unduly excited but they sure are riled up since the cup game played in New York on Sunday afternoon and ordered replayed at New Bedford, Mass., next Sunday afternoon. They’re walking around with chips on their shoulders and it’s going to be all too bad if someone accidentally comes along and declares himself in sympathy with the cup committee. “Adding insult to injury and then some,” is seemingly a unanimous conclusion from the action subsequent to the Sunday game, in ordering the replay on the New Bedford field. It is hard to conceive that the U. S. F. A. would yield to the wiles of one of its most bitter opponents last years when the soccer war was ranging, which appears to be the case in awarding the game to New England. Yielding to the wiles of a club that left nothing undone to overthrow and wreck if possible the U. S. F. A. while Bethlehem at great expense, financial and otherwise, stood solidly with the national body. Traveling the loop, more than one soccer expert claming to be in on the know will not hesitate in stating that Bethlehem’s loyalty to the U. S. F. A. in a time of stress, and ignoring the luring overtones to join hands with the outlaws, stood between them an defeat. It is true that the U. S. F. A .certainly is not very appreciative. On the other hand, Bethlehem seeks nothing but what is fair and impartial.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club