The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, March 19, 1923
Coats, of Pawtucket, and Steel Tied in American League; May Meet Saturday.

In strong contrast to the game played on the Steel field last Saturday will be the one scheduled for this weekend between Coats and Steel here, if no change is made in the arrangements. While the Bethlehem F. C. was disposing of the Philadelphia F. C. by the score of 5 to 1, the J & P Coats team experienced similar success at Fall River, Mass., winning by the score or 3 to 1, which defeat dropped the Harold Brittan club considerably in the league standing.

J & P Coats of Pawtucket and Bethlehem F. C. deadlocked for first place in the American League race, are scheduled to meet in an American League game on the Steel field next Saturday afternoon. There is a possibility, however, that the game will be postponed to a later date and in that event some other league team will be here.

The Pawtucket aggregation is the national finalist in the eastern division and in all likelihood will be ordered to meet Paterson F. C. next Sunday afternoon. Cup games are given precedence over league games. There is also a ruling that to avoid impairing the chances of winning this classic the teams which have won their way to the finals are not compelled to play a league contest the day proceeding.

From Secretary Cahill it was learned that he proposes having the cup game played next Sunday in order to decide the opponents for the Scullins of St. Louis in the national final which this year will be played in the east. The local management has communicated with Secretary Cahill, asking for a definite reply, which will probably be received some time today.

Should Pawtucket come here the fans would be in for a rare treat. It is either Pawtucket or Bethlehem to win the American League laurels and this game would pretty nearly decide which of the two it would be. To date both teams have played sixteen games and collected the same number of points.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club