The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, February 20, 1928
3000 Fans Witness Bang-Up Tilt on New York Pitch Sunday.

More than three thousand fans were thrilled on the Brooklyn Wanderers field on Sunday afternoon when the Agarites and Bethlehem Steel soccer Club battled an exciting American Soccer League game to a 2-goal draw.

The Steelmen were out to gain revenge and at one time it looked as they would accomplish the purpose. However, Brooklyn came through to equalize and then take the lead only to see Bethlehem stage one of the most determined rallies produced by the team this season and in which the tying goal was notched.

Unable to play their game here on Saturday with Newark on account of the field, the Steelmen were in fine fettle for the meeting with Brooklyn. Bethlehem was still smarting under the sting of the cup elimination, an attitude which was plainly evident immediately after the starting whistle. Bethlehem pressed with such vigor that the Steelmen were on top of their opponents almost all the time but Smith, who is performing sensationally for the Agarites was at his best, and many well labeled shots were turned aside. At half time Bethlehem was leading 1 to 0 as the result of McMillan in trying to stem had no time to clear and put the ball through his own goal.

It looked like a Bethlehem victory up to ten minutes from the end when at last the Wanderers were rewarded for their persistent efforts to score. From then on until the call of time the crowd witnessed a stirring finish which yielded two more goals. Brooklyn actually went into the lead, but, with only two minutes to go, Bethlehem came up even.

In the beginning of the game, Bethlehem attacked with vigor and before very long the steelworkers were credited with two corner on the right. Smith, the home custodian, was called upon to stop several difficult shots. At last the Wanderers had an inning and Jisda tested Edwards. A fine rally by Brooklyn was nipped in the bud by Carnihan.

Another corner for Bethlehem followed on the left jab. Jisda then menaced Bethlehem's goal with a hard drive which Edwards tipped over the bar for a corner. Brooklyn was allowed a free kick when Drucker was fouled and Curtis drove into the side of the net. Five minutes from half time, as Stark and Jackson came down the field, McMillan sent a safety back to Smith. The ball skidded on the uneven ground and lodged in Brooklyn's net for Bethlehem's first tally.

With the score 1-0 in their favor, the Steelworkers substituted Gillespie for Jackson at center forward in the second half. The visitors put on tremendous pressure. Three corners followed in rapid succession, the first being off Grosz, who stopped Gillespie. As Jaap took the corner kick Robertson headed over the bar for a second corner. The third was off Brown on the left, who came near duplicating McMillan's feat.

Two minutes later Gillespie forced a fourth corner off McMillan, but this, too, was cleared. Rosenberg was then put in for Nelson and there was a general rearrangement of the forward line. A little later Shortt took Drucker's place and Bethlehem sent in Robertson for Goldie.

There was a lull in the excitement until ten minutes from full time Jisda evened the score for Brooklyn from Lyell's pass. Four minutes later Rosenberg crossed over from the right to Adair, who passed to Lyell, who netted the ball. Brooklyn was then leading by 2-1, but Bethlehem, in a final spurt, succeeded in equalizing from a corner on the left. The kick was taken by Robertson, and Jaap drove into Brooklyn's net. The lineup:

Wanderers -- Bethlehem
Smith -- G -- Edwards
Grosz -- RFB -- Reid
McMillan -- LFB -- McMeekin
Drucker -- RHB -- McDonald
Brown -- CHB -- Carnihan
Robertson -- LHB -- McGregor
Curtis -- OR -- Jaap
Jisda -- IR -- Stark
Nelson -- CF -- Jackson
Lyell -- IL -- Rollo
Adair -- OL -- Goldie
Goals -- Bethlehem: McMillan (of Brooklyn) Jaap; Brooklyn Wanderers: Jisda, Lyell. Substitutions -- Rosenberg for Nelson, Shortt for Drucker, Gillespie for Jackson, Robertson for Goldie. Referee -- J. Walder. Linesmen -- J. Hayes and J. Connachin. Time of halves -- 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club