The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Wednesday, March 20, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Tottering and Threatened Disaster
With New Bedford back in the good graces of the U. S. F. A. and affiliated with the Eastern Soccer League, it will be of interest for soccer men to note what reaction this desertion will have on the American Soccer League. Frequent intimations in these columns that all was not well in the outlaw organization is borne out by what happened in New York last night. While the American Soccer League was defeated in practically all the skirmishes, New Bedford’s desertion it is believed was the hardest jolt serviced since the start of the soccer controversy. Soccer followers predict that it is the beginning of the end and that the tottering league is now more seriously threatened with complete collapse than ever before. New Bedford took the imitative and it will not be surprising if other clubs followed in the wake.

Absorbed All Funds
From reliable sources comes the gossip that the American Soccer League absorbed all of its funds to wage the war and the treasury at this time is completely sapped. If this is true it will be only a matter of time before the outlaws seek a truce. Incidentally part of the funds to battle the parent body and the new Eastern League were contributed by Bethlehem, Newark and the New York Giants, the clubs suspended by the American League when their $500 forfeits were retained. The aggregate total of guarantee money was $5,000.

Status of Players
There are several players with the New Bedford club who will have to make peace with the powers that be before they will be eligible to lay. These players, most particularly are the Barrie brothers and Dave Edwards, who jumped the local team after signing lucrative contracts with New Bedford. Although no legal opinion has been received these contracts, it is believed, become null and void with the reinstatement of the club. Furthermore, if it can be produced that all three of these players sold their services to Bethlehem and then ignored their obligation the first contract would probably be the binding one in any legal entanglement. In that even Edwards and the Barries are certain to be the losers for any monetary gain accumulated in the difference of salaries will hardly compare with the amount of fines to be meted out. It is understood that a fine of $50 was meted out to each of these players for every game played and if that is true the aggregate total will swell to more than $1,000 each.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club