The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Monday, March 21, 1921
A Swing Along Athletic Row

American Cup Semi-Final Undecided
Meeting in the replay American Cup semi-final at Harrison, N. J., yesterday afternoon, the Robins Dry Dock and Erie F. C. again battled two hours before deciding the supremacy. More than 9,000 fans saw a spirited and hard fought game, ending after two extra periods of 15 minutes each, with the teams deadlocked at one goal each. Brown, of the Eries, registered the first tally on a penalty and at the end of the first half the Eries were leading one goal to none. During the replay, the Eries were kept mostly on the defensive and after 20 minutes of play the Robins scored. Ratican stared a fine movement toward the Erie goal and when the latter's defense closed in on him, passed out to Sturch, from whose center Hosie cleverly headed into the net. The game will most probably be replayed on April 3, at Harrison field.

Fore River American Finalists
By defeating the Fall River Rovers on Saturday afternoon, the Fore River eleven entered the finals in the American Cup competition. This team will now meet the winner of the replay semifinal between the Robins and Eries. Since the latter game will most likely be played next Sunday, Fore River will probably have a vacant date and can handily arrange to meet Bethlehem in an exhibition game on the local grounds on Saturday afternoon. These arrangements, it is believed, are under way by the local management.

Robins Have Hard Road to Travel
With the honors of both the National and American Cup competitions within their grasp, the Robins have a decidedly hard road to travel before aspiring to the highest pedestal in soccerdom. Should the Brooklyn shipbuilders defeat Erie, they must then collide with Fore River before settling the issue of finalists in the American Cup competition. In the National classic they still have to dispose of the Tebo Yacht Basin F. C., believed to be a subsidiary of the Robins Dry Dock Corporation, to decide the Eastern issue. This game is scheduled for Harrison field on March 27. If successful in that game, the Robins would have to face the important contest for the National honors by meeting the Scullin Steel team in St. Louis, western finalists in the National Cup. Since this classic was staged in the west last year, it will probably be decided in the east this year and Harrison field, if the Robins are successful, is more than likely to be the scene of the conflict. The cup is in possession of the Ben Millers, of St. Louis, which team defeated [] River last year.

Wonderful Grown of Soccer
While locally the game can hardly be regarded as having a howling success in point of attendance, it is gaining popularity with leaps and bounds in other districts. This is indicated by the large attendances such as more than 9,000 at the Robins-Erie game, over 5,000 at the Fore River-Fall River game over the weekend, figures that if attained here, would probably cause the local management to drop dead from surprise.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club