The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, March 21, 1923
Bethlehem Steel and New York F. C. Meet on Steel Field for Fifth Time

The big soccer game at Bethlehem Steel Field Saturday between New York F. C. and Bethlehem Steel should be one of the best games of the season. This will bet he fifth game between these keen rivals. Bethlehem won two league games in New York by the score of one goal to none, but were only able to tie the Gothamites in a league game at the Steel Field at three goals each. New York eliminated the Steel Workers from the National Cup race by the score of four goals to one, penetrating the Bethlehem defense seven times in the four games, while the Bethlehem aggregation reached six. In all the games played between them to date the ground conditions were against good soccer. Both teams are exceedingly clever on the ball and with the Steel Field in its present excellent condition the game will most certainly be the best exhibition of soccer seen here this season.

Bethlehem will field the same team that collected two points at the expense of the Gothamites in the mud and water battle in New York two weeks ago. The game was decided in the closing minutes, Dan McNiven locating the net on a cross from Ratican when everybody expecting to hear the referee's whistle ending hostilities. The visitors are still in an excellent position in the race for the American League pennant. They are seven points behind Bethlehem but they have three games on hand and a victory on Saturday would cause a big upset in the table.

The Steel Workers know the worth of the New Yorkers and they will be determined to collect two valuable points at their expense.

A victory for the locals on Saturday would narrow the pennant opposition down to the fast traveling J & P Coats team, are now tied with Bethlehem for the leadership. Coats will be fully occupied on Sunday as they will be battling for the right to meet the National Cup holders, the Scullins F. C. of St. Louis, but they will be keenly interested in the result of the New York-Bethlehem game, and they won't be rooting for Bethlehem.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club