The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, March 21, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Favor Fall River for the Final
Bethlehem soccer fans are not the only ones in the American Soccer League who do not take kindly to the action of the cup committee in giving Fall River the final round against the Boston F. C. on the grounds of the National championship. The action seems tainted pure and simple with commercialism and not an ethic of true sportsmanship. Even though the Hubmen conceded the arrangement, influenced by the handsome gate returns anticipated, there is no excuse to disregard the previous custom of semi-final and final rounds of cup competitions being played on a neutral field. Levi Wilcox, soccer critic for a Philadelphia morning daily, is one of the soccer writers who assume an attitude similar to that of Lehigh fans. He pens the following:

"The American League officials apparently are catering to the Fall River team in assigning the final cup match between Boston and Fall River at the Fall River grounds, Sunday, March 29. At least it looks that way, particularly when it is stated that there are several grounds where the final could have been staged without favoring either team. Admitting that the Tiverton grounds are well adapted, and that it is likely a tremendous crowd will be on hand, that, however, should not have been considered with Fall River as the finalists. Boston should have been give some little consideration. They are part and parcel of the final and on that account naturally will be somewhat handicapped in having to play before a partisan crowd which counts quite a lot when a team has the advantage of having the crowd with them and also the choice of grounds. There is so much at stake that even though it is an admitted fact that staging the match at Tiverton will prove a huge success from a financial standpoint, even that should not have been considered under the conditions. While we have not been informed how the Boston officials size the decision of the American League in scheduling the game at Tiverton, yet it is natural that t hey will not take kindly to Fall River having the opportunity of playing on their home grounds. All of which brings us down to the meat of our story that the magnates are commercializing the sport just the same as they do in baseball, in other words, the financial inducement were considered. That should not be the case with a sport which is practically in its infancy in this country. The A. L. officials, however, have used sane judgments in selecting Danny Oates, of this city, to handle the whistle. From what we have witnessed of the local referee this season he is one of the most outstanding whistle tooters in the country, therefore, the final will be capably handled.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club