The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
March 21, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The Polo Grounds
Although a soccer magnate less than a year, Charlie Stoneham, of New York Giants baseball fame, apparently has quite a drag with the powers that be. Charlie is owner of the New York National soccer team, Eastern finalist in the National Challenge Cup competition. Stoneham's clan was crowned Eastern champion last Sunday by virtue of the victory of J & P Coats. If remembered correctly, the rules of cup lay are emphatic in specifying that final rounds are to be played on neutral grounds. But what matters a rule in the busy life of Mr. Stoneham? The Eastern final was played right in his own back yard and now the National final is to be waged on the Polo Grounds, the home field of the Nationals. Under the conditions we guess it is wise to string along with the Nationals to win the National crown. Insofar as soccer is concerned this precedent, if it might be called such, will do soccer more good than harm for every effort has been made to build up interest in the metropolitan sector. Then again the Polo Grounds present a pitch that can provide the facilities and conveniences for a big crowd.

Nix on the Transfer
Someone has made the suggestion to the management of the Bethlehem Steel Club to let the issue of the American Soccer League cup competition resolve itself on the outcome of one game. The suggestion is that Bethlehem meet the survivor of the semi-final between Boston and New Bedford in New York in a Sunday game. Always picking on Bethlehem to do opposite to what the rules demand. No sir, is the reply of the Steel management. Two games or nothing and Philadelphia fans who have welcomed the team with open arms, are going to see one of those games. To do otherwise would be follow for if Bethlehem is bartering for Philadelphia patronage the Philly fans are entitled to a cup classic. As for the gate, it's almost a safe bet that the receipts of the two games would exceed those of one. Naturally the expenses will be greater.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club