The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Friday, March 21, 1930
No Let Up Until Winner Between Bethlehem and Fall River is Determined

Thrilling to the last minute as was the Eastern final for the National Challenge Cup between Bethlehem and Fall River at the Polo Grounds last Sunday, how much more confidently may the replay at Battery Park, New Bedford, Mass., Sunday, be expected to tingle with sensation. AN airplane was used to bring two ultra enthusiastic fans from Fall River to witness the game at the Polo Grounds. By the same travel medium, several Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York soccerites will make the journey to New Bedford having chartered airplanes for the purpose early in the week, indications surely of the tremendous interest which this replay has aroused.

Bethlehem retired from the grueling contest at the Polo Grounds with three of its stalwarts badly crippled, Archie Stark, Tommy Gillespie and Bill Carnihan. OF this trio Carnihan is now practically definitely out of consideration for the replay for as late as last night the Old Roman was still hobbling on one leg and gave little reason to hope that he will be fit. This will be the second important cup contest in as many years in which Carnihan will be deprived of contributing his lot for last season when the Steel City booters needed his services most, he was on the injured list.

The Marksmen conceded that they were a trifle lucky to escape defeat last Sunday and of this those who witnessed the game have not the least doubt.

The confirmed belief is that Sunday’s game will be even more thrilling, more stubbornly contested. Every yard on the road to the goal will be challenged. New attendance figures are certain to be established. The great trek from Fall River, Providence, Pawtucket, Boston and New York will tax the enclosure to the limit of its holding capacity.

Charlie Creighton will again have charge of the game, which will start at 3:30, but here will be a change of linesmen, Thomas Whittaker of New Bedford and Michael Ward of Providence, having received the appointment.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club