The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, March 22, 1920
A Swing Along Athletic Row

By Fred Nonnemacher
Robins Drydocks Likely on Saturday
That the undefeated Robins Dry Docks team of Brooklyn with Harry Ratican and Bob Millar, two former Bethlehem players included in their lineup, will be here for a game on the Bethlehem Steel field next Saturday is probably by virtue of the victories of the two teams in the fourth round of the National Cup competition. Bethlehem on Saturday defeated the Wanderers of Philadelphia and on Todds field in New York yesterday afternoon the Robins took the measure of the Fall River Rovers by a count of four goals to nothing. These victories qualify each time for the fifth round in the competition and the field on which the game is to be played relies entirely on the draw this weekend. What chances Bethlehem has of playing the contest here will be decided at a meeting of the National Cup moguls scheduled for Tuesday at the Hotel Astor, New York.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club